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WARNING: trekking is not like walking! If you can't overcome a passage, go back!
Some of the tracks presented here are set along mountain trails where some passages may require holding to ropes or climbing short ladders, and may have exposed passages without safety protections. These tracts can be a serious danger if faced without the right equipment, awareness and physical condition.
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Hike to Trontano and the mills of Graglia creek (short ring)

Among the stations of Vigezzina Centovallina

Parco Nazionale Val Grande - Val D'Ossola

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length icon Length:
5.2 Km
time icon Our time:
1h45' walking
climb icon Total climb:
170 mt
height icon Min and max height:
505 mt - 600 mt
track ring icon Type of track:
ring track
surface icon Surface:
mule track - trail
panorama icon Panorama:
woods - vines - historic architecture
coverage icon Cell network coverage:
winter icon travelled in winter:
bike icon travelled by bike:

This trail takes to the discovery of Trontano and the characteristic hamlet of Verigo, along a path followed and crossed by the Vigezzina – Centovallina railway. The suggested track touches the stations of Trontano and Verigo.
In Trontano, on a rocky peak, stands the steeple, visible from every town center. By its side the House-Museum of wool is present, showing on its façade the writing “Vila d’la lana di feman d’la Valgranda” (house of wool of women of Val Grande, in dialect). From this point the medieval “castle” of Trontano can be seen very well, standing out in the town.
Between Trontano and Verigo, along Graglia creek, six well-kept mills are present, and sometimes they can be visited. The mills are set in a row along the creek and were used, until the late second postwar, to grind cereals. The mills, just like ovens and wash houses, were an essential service for the community, since they could grant the economic self-sufficiency.
These mills mainly grinded rye, a strong and cold resistant cereal, that could be well cultivated in these places. In July the rye was reaped with the typical sickle called “meula”, then followed the threshing and sifting by hand or with some ingenious machineries specifically built for this job.
The obtained flours were mainly used to bake bread, that every family then cooked in the common wood oven. In Trontano the women used to bake a simple sweet, adding apples, nuts, sugar and butter to the bread dough, and this sweet was called “credenzin”.


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