Hikes in Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park

Val Divedro, one of the Ossola valleys, is surrounded by peaks higher than 4000 mts, Among these peaks, mankind has built roads and trails to connect Italy to Switzerland, the most famous being the Simplon pass.

Trekking in Val Divedro are innumerable and satisfy both novice walkers and more experienced hikers, there are in fact long-distance itineraries and crossings and also paths suitable for families who love the mountains.

Located south-west of Val Formazza, it draws the border with canton Valais in Switzerland.

In Val Cairasca, one of the lateral valleys, there is San Domenico hamlet, a well know skiing resort. In the north there are Alpe Veglia and Alpe Devero, where many trails for hikers, skiers and mountain bikers start.

Alpe Veglia has been the first natural park established in Italy. In 1995 it was merged with Devero Natural Park, established five years before.

Today in Val Divedro there are still breeders and local cheese and salami producers, for the love of hikers! Here you find the authenticity of the Italian alpine landscape and culture.

Discover the itineraries in Alpe Veglia and Devero Natural Park