Hikes in Switzerland

Switzerland embraces the whole north of Piedmont, and its mainly mountainous territory has countless roads and trails rich in history.

Trekking in Switzerland are innumerable and satisfy both novice walkers and more experienced hikers, there are in fact long-distance itineraries and trails for families who love the mountains.

Trades from Italy to Switzerland and to Europe’s center passed through alpine trails that were travelled from spring to autumn.

The “Sbrinz Route”, which is celebrated to this day with a 5-days caravan, connected Switzerland to Italy through the Gries Pass allowing both the trade of the Sbrinz cheese and the transit of mail and other goods.

The Stockalperweg trail allowed the trade of salt from Domodossola to Brig for more than four centuries.

These historic routes through the alpine passes are a destination for hikes and bike rides, among the amazing landscapes facing the border between these two nations.

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