Hikes in Valle Anzasca

Valle Anzasca, one of the Ossola valleys, is a union of history and breathtaking landscapes, scattered with trails for hikers and MTBs. Trekking in tValle Anzasca leads to discover the intact buildings of Walser people that lived in these lands for more than 700 years. Macugnaga is the amazing historical town of Walser origin, the largest of the valley. It is a touristic destination for hikers and skiers. In Valle Anzasca you find the authenticity of the Italian alpine landscape.

Along the Anza river, that gives the name to the valley, many trails unravel towards alps and peaks, all of them under the domain of Monte Rosa massif.

The valley has many historic testimonies about gold mining: there are many mines hidden in the valley. Among them is the Guia mine, which is the first gold mine of the Alps and the first museum mine of Italy!

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