Hikes in Valle Antigorio

Valle Antigorio, one of the Ossola valleys, is entirely crossed by Toce, the river that has dug the valley for millennia, creating amazing natural coves. Among the easiest to reach there are the three Orridi of Uriezzo, as deep as 20 meters.

In the mountains of the Antigorio Valley there are countless trails for hikers and trails for MTB, and e-bike lovers, among the wonderful woodlands of Ossola. In Valle Antigorio you discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

As many other territories of Ossola, Valle Antigorio has been populated by Walser people. The richest cultural legacy of these people is the colony of Salecchio. In this group of villages that dominates the valley, the visitor jumps back in time, discovering legends and traditions, some of which are still recalled to this day, like the famous “Candelora” celebrated in February.

Not only trekking in the Antigorio Valley, this corner of Ossola is also rich in springs,, some with hot water, so much that in Premia a spa complex has been built. Another spring gave birth to a famous soda: in the town of Crodo there is the spring used to make “Crodino”!

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