Hikes in Valle Isorno / Valle Agarina

The mountains of the Valle Isorno, an Ossola valley, are full of trails for hikers and paths for families. Here you discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

Surrounded by peaks higher than 2500 mts, lie the few towns of Valle Isorno, rich in history: rural architectures wisely built with local stones, churches and monuments. The steeple of Montecrestese is the second highest of Val d’Ossola. It dominates the whole Toce’s plain with its 67.5 mts.

The valley, that takes its name from the river that crosses it, has many vineyards. The local farmers still produce an ancient wine variety of medieval origin: the Prünent, that gives a structured wine of high quality, comparable to the famous Nebbiolo of Piedmont!

Valle Agarina has an important naturalistic value. As of today, in order to reach the valley by car a daily pass is required, and it can be bought at Montecrestese.

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