Hikes on Toce's plain

Toce’s plain is the hinge of Ossola. From this point the 7 valleys of Ossola branch off, and right here the big cities are present, with important historic centers like Domodossola.

Trekking along the Piana del Toce lead to discover the natural landscape, characterized by the Toce river, has a single promontory: the Montorfano, from whose peak the Lake Mergozzo, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta can be seen. Here you discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

Lakes, woods and rocky hills outline the history of stonecutters, of “cavasass” (rock diggers in dialect) and of the soldiers that built part of Linea Cadorna right here. There are many trails in this area, from trekking to the wonderful bike lane of Toce that, following the river and going from town to town, connects Fondotoce to Domodossola.

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