Hikes around Lake Maggiore and Vergante

Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake of Italy and its history is immense: from paleolithic until today, from the Romans to the Lombards, from the Borromeo to the House of Savoy. On Lake Maggiore you discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

The itineraries around Lake Maggiore are countless! This wide territory has an amazing amount of ancient historic and naturalistic trails and wonderful landscapes on Lake Maggiore can be seen from each of them. The most amazing panorama is undoubtedly seen after reaching Mottarone’s peak! There are trails for hikers and mountain bikers suitable for everyone, from families to athletes.

Vergante, spanning from Mottarone’s slopes to Novara’s plain, has a mostly hilly territory, enclosed by Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta. It has many historic towns, with ancient palaces and castles, each one with its own peculiarity, like the charming Visconti tower in Invorio.

Discover the hikes around Lake Maggiore and Vergante