Thematic itineraries

Cadorna Line

A collection of itineraries to discover the places of Cadorna Line in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola

In 1862 the Kingdom of Italy was established by only one year and a defense of its borders was needed. So the idea of building a defensive system of the Northern Frontier, towards Switzerland, was born, inappropriately called “Cadorna Line” since 1970.

The huge military complex was intended to defend the Italian territory from a possible invasion of France, Germany and Austro-Hungary which, passing through Switzerland, could have reached the Po Valley.

The building of this defensive system began in 1899 and was strengthened during the First World War, with the effort of more than 20.000 workers. Cadorna Line is made of about 72 kms of trenches, 300 kms of roads and 400 kms of trails and mule tracks, covering a large territory spanning from Ossola to the Bergamasque Alps. The feared invasion never happened, and the Cadorna Line never saw any military fight, until the battles of the Resistance, among partisans and nazifascist troops.

The structures and infrastructures of this huge complex are partially visible and visitable along trails suitable for walks and bike rides. Connected to the landscape, partially restored and partially abandoned, they represent a piece of history that contributed to the change of the territory.

With these itineraries ITINERARIUM wants to divulge the knowledge of this historical heritage made of strain, work and, last but not least, love for the Country.

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