Thematic itineraries

The Walser people

A collection of itineraries to discover the Walser: their culture, their architecture and the landscape of a people who knew how to live on the mountain and with the mountain.

The Walser people had a German origin, and they came in the Middle Age, in agreement with local lords, to settle in the highlands, which were so harsh that no one before had ever lived in them. The Walser people, with their stubbornness and hard work, succeeded in ploughing those lands so harsh and difficult to reach, making them fertile and liveable.

Today we can admire the many architectural assets still present on the Alps and, thanks to the great work of many communities, their intangible heritage is preserved and passed on, including the typical Walser language: the Titsch.

With this collection ITINERARIUM wants to pass down the importance of the knowledge of the traditions and culture that made the history of these lands, so that they can be acknowledged by those who walk in these places with respect, with curious and careful spirit. Every itinerary leads to the discovery of a tile of the great cultural expertise of the people who understood the importance of caring for the land and the landscape, in order to live in deep harmony with nature.

Every itinerary crosses a leg of the Great Walser Trail: Walserweg, among the colonies of Ornavasso, Macugnaga, Formazza, Salecchio and Campello Monti.

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