Hikes in Val Bognanco

Val Bognanco, one of the Ossola valleys, is a popular destination for hikers in search of unspoiled natural landscapes, where the mountains have peaks that reach 3000 meters and you find the authenticity of the Italian alpine landscape.

Trekking in Val Bognanco are innumerable and satisfy both novice walkers and more experienced hikers, there are in fact long-distance itineraries and paths suitable for families.

Valle Bognanco takes its name from the river Bogna that crosses it, and it’s scattered with small lakes and creeks.

There are countless trails in the valley, suitable for hikers and MTB lovers. These trails reach the border passes with Switzerland, like Monscera pass, and inner peaks with wonderful landscapes, like the three lakes of Paione. Among the longest trails there is the historical Stockalperweg, also called Stockalper Trail, that connects Brig with Domodossola with its mule track.

The characteristic towns with stone walls, scattered across the whole valley, still preserve the countless historic testimonies to this day.

A town that lived the splendor of Belle Epoque is without a doubt the hamlet of Fonti, that takes its name by the water springs casually discovered in 1863. This discovery gave birth to the bottling company of Bognanco water and to a large spa complex.

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