Hikes in Valle Strona

Valle Strona takes its name from the river that crosses it: Strona river.

Trekking in Valle Strona lead to the discovery of enchanting landscapesis a union of amazing landscapes, millennial histories and ancient traditions. Here you discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

Enclosed by Val d’Ossola and Valsesia, Valle Strona is also called “the valley of spoons”, due to its notable wood making industry that characterizes the valley to this day. Among these, there is the famous wooden Pinocchio inspired by Collodi’s tale.

The natural landscape, curvy and wild, is surrounded by high peaks, some of which almost reach 2400 mts, like Monte Capezzone. The trails that cut through the valley are countless and lovely for hikers and MTB lovers.

The Walser people built their villages in this valley as well: the wonderful hamlet of Campello Monti, strictly tied to the Walser people that inhabited Valsesia. Along the way that connects these two valleys the trail of Grande Traversata delle Alpi (Great traverse of Alps) passes.

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