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Hikes in Val Grande National Park

The National Park of Val Grande, enclosed in the Ossola mountains, is the largest “wilderness” area of the Alps and of Italy. The park was established in 1992 to preserve this territory, rich in fauna and untainted nature. Val Grande is the ideal place for long treks, panoramic trail for seasoned hikers and much more. The slope facing the Toce's plain has many trails for families and for those who love to walk along ancient mule tracks and historic towns. In Val Grande park you find the authenticity of the Italian alpine landscape.

The history of the inhabitants of Valgrande dates back to iron age: rock engravings and findings dating back to 450 ac are present in Malesco and Miazzina.

Trekking in the Val Grande National Park leads to discover the wild and untainted nature of the valley, that paints itself in warm colors during the autumn, has been the background for many historic events: from the first town with electricity, until the brutal sweeps of the Second World War.

The valley has been tied to timber production thanks to the resourcefulness of engineer Carlo Sutermeister, who shaped the valley with clever ways of transport for the timber and with the building of the first hydroelectric power plant of Italy.

On the edges of this wild nature, among trails for hikers and MTB enthusiasts, there are many towns, built with stone, that show their peculiarities to this day. The high peaks offer breathtaking 360° landscapes towards the immense green of the valley and the blue of Lake Maggiore. From Monte Faiè one can admire a unique and amazing panorama: with a single sight Lake Orta, Lake Maggiore, Lake Mergozzo, the lakes of Varese, the rivers Nigoglia and Toce can be seen.

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